As a little girl, my dad taught me to follow in their direction. During my ‘only hike in a skirt days’ between 5 & 6, we built many: it was important to show others the way. As I got older, they began appearing in places of physical non-direction. However, I connected with their symbolic representation of direction, alignment, & groundation. My dad was appalled. Is his literal & physical interpretation wrong? Him, who discovered sacredness through untamed wilderness (though he’d never call it that)..his life maybe saved by cairns during a much less traveled Adirondack wilderness. During a recent hike I came around a bend to discover this exhibit. Every possible crevasse was filled, the smallest by a minute pebble. My body reacted as a perfect mirror. It swelled full and connected in a powerful reflection to the hands that carefully placed each rock. I felt the lessons they learned in slowing down and compelled to add to their intention. I feel equally connected to this sense of direction. A couple behind me caught me in my trance. They informed me that this was an act punishable by the Park Service. Before I had anytime to think, I told them I felt it was spiritual. I immediately knew I needed to reflect on why I was so quick to offer this reaction. Another’s opinion resonated with me: “leave the earth’s natural beauty alone. Her geology, as it stands is already perfect.” And such is beauty in conflict..or discovery.

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